Low tide

The days don’t hardly get much better than this at the beach.Low tide allows access to rocks that are normally much more submerged.This provided some idea of the scale of the cliffs above the beach…The stairs also provide a sense of scale. They also tell me how out-of-shape I am by how many times I need to stop when climbing them.Β I’ve seen these rocks with holes in them in several places, but I have no idea what causes them.Low tide also gets us closer to the sea lions.Back up on the cliffs, looking south…Looking north. The large rock cliffs in the center are where the sea lions hang out.

I’d call it the perfect day…


24 thoughts on “Low tide

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  2. The rock with holes is called honeycomb limestone and is caused by rainwater or water from other sources seeping into cracks and disolving the softer parts of the stone. This takes a very long time. These rocks are prized by people who raise fish-they put them in aquariums.


    • I bet the water is warmer on the beaches in France. Not sure if your Scotland beaches have water equally cold, or not. You may have noticed that there aren’t a whole lot of folks in skimpy suits or swimming in my location. Which is fine with me. I can’t think of too many things more boring than cooking in the sun.


    • That’s the beach at Bandon, by the way. But just so you know… I found this comment in the spam folder. I have NO idea why, but that explains the delayed response. I can’t imagine why WordPress does that every now and again.


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