the clouds depart

Just two days after the last gathering of the clouds….looked like all the clouds were heading East (inland).Nothing but blue skies looking out to sea.More blue skies with sketchy drifts of haze. The scene is calmer than the cloudy display from the previous visit. The surf was a wee bit livelier than before; or was that just in contrast to the clear sky?


24 thoughts on “the clouds depart

    • My dear Hope, while I appreciate the thought – ever so much. Truly! I’ve decided to opt out of the award thing. Partly because this blogging has a way of taking over my life and I’ve never been one for much of the fanfare. I do hope you understand. Your wonderful comments and ‘likes” are award enough (and then some!) ♥♥♥♥


  1. And what a wonderful day it is! little to no wind, too! what a blessing! This is the reason why we live here on the coast! 😉
    And all we want is…………….more!


  2. Wow! I really love these photos, I do like the departure of the clouds, but I also like this beach. Does the water really come in that far in the photos, to cover that whole beach? It looks like it does, which is amazing. Thanks for posting these photos 🙂

    ~My Blog


    • Actually… the tide often goes out even farther than in these pictures when it’s called a minus tide and there are high tides that come up clear to the sand bank. It certainly is pretty amazing.


  3. NICE……I like the dramatic exit your clouds are making toward the east….It looks to me like the surf is kicking up it’s heels pretty good..underneath all those clear blue skies….I miss the Oregon Coast……sigh


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