schizophrenic weather

It’s been bizarre, but wonderful. At night the clouds open up and we are inundated with tons of rain. Just last Sun/Mon we accumulated 2 inches overnight (that’s a bit over 50 mm for some of you folks – and it even sounds more impressive in two digits!) The next morning by about noon the sun pops out. Toward evening we get these fantastic, even awesome, clouds. And then the cycle repeats.Looking out at these clouds late last evening inspired me to head for the beach hoping to catch a nice sunset.Those clouds just really grab your attention so that you might not notice my little town tucked in the trees off in the distance.This was about as close as I could get to a sunset shot. Or this. Mind you, I’m certainly not complaining having managed to catch the more subtle shades of pink that I love….But then this massive fog bank came rolling in, burying any chance of the sunset I had been imagining. [Is that a heart the surf has imprinted at the edge of the sand?] I’ll finish with this touch of exuberance! ♥


29 thoughts on “schizophrenic weather

  1. I liked the shot above the fog bank… beautiful delicate pastel colors, but the clouds looked so low and heavy that it was almost claustrophobic. In an “I like to scare myself so I’ll look at it again” kind of way. Oh, never mind, I just like it!

    And exuberance is always fun!


  2. I am quite used to schizofrenic weather, Gunta. And the good thing about it that it can give a lot of interesting light for photographing. Love your prictures, and your sunset is much more interesting and nice than the ordinary one.. And the dog running, cute! 🙂


    • Thank you. I also find lots of clouds make the skies more interesting. The way the fog rolls in from the ocean also fascinates me. For the first time I finally caught the sheer joy the dog exhibits when she has a chance to run on the beach.


  3. Great shots Gunta. The coast is so nice, even in the rain. We are getting our share of rain, well more than our share here in Portland..I can’t help but think we in the NW are getting other places shares of rain as well.


    • Thanks ever so much, 2 Rivers… I’ll admit this theme is my favorite also, it’s why I return to it so often, but I worry about it becoming too repetitive. Then again it all depends on what is happening in my life where I am or what I’m doing. Luckily this beach is close to home and provides some great opportunities. I’m thrilled that you enjoy them


    • I keep a towel handy in the car to wipe the sand off her before she gets in. She does NOT like to get wet (she doesn’t even like to do her business out in the rain), so the salt isn’t much of a problem. What does get problematic is the sand getting into her eyes. I tried some “Doggles” but they turned into too much of a struggle, so now I just try to get the eyes wiped out when needed.


  4. Great pictures, especially the third one. There has also been strange weather in the Willamette Valley. Good photography weather.


    • Thanks Moriah. Amazing photography weather for most of the year. The bright sunny days later in the summer sometimes wash things out a bit, but even they have their moments. 😉


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