We knew it was coming…  NOAA’s FAQs about the debris here. It addresses questions about where and when and radioactivity. Also how to report finds…

This was found roughly a hundred miles north of my location.


Well it’s here. The first (that I’ve heard of) large piece of debris from the Japanese tsunami. It’s a large dock section of some kind that washed up on Agate Beach. As it so happened my brother Josh and I were working on a job at a house overlooking Agate Beach. We were just finishing up and I happen to stop for a second to admire the view of the beach. I saw something that looked to be rocks made visible by the receding tide. The only problem with this involuntary hypothesis was that there are no such rocks at Agate Beach, and it was high tide. It also had a very regular shape. We decided that it must be tsunami debris, so we rushed to finish picking up our tools and were off to the beach for a quick look-see before we went to the last job of the day.

As we were looking for…

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  1. Thank you for that link…it did provide some good information. I still wonder how the dock, what appears to be a huge slab/chunk of concrete, made it all the way from Japan and just now rolled up on to the shore? I understand currents and whatnot, but was this thing floating or being pushed along on the bottom of the ocean? The later seems unlikely….


  2. There was something on the front page of CNN this morning about this appearing on our shores…said something dangerous might have come with it…but didn’t read any further yet…interesting.


    • I added a link to NOAA where they talk about the debris in more scientific terms (as opposed to headlines). Answered a bunch of my questions about the topic.
      Just an aside… I can’t seem to find my way to where the blogs i follow are listed. Any suggestions?


      • I will look at the link…sounds like it will be good. And you go to the dashboard setting, click on it, and then three items below your “Site Stats” will be “Blogs I Follow.” That will tell you the blogs and there will be a selection for comments, too….


        • Found it – thanks! I thought I’d tried that very same approach and ended up in Reader (something I’m still confused about, or not understanding, but definitely not liking.) I was down to a mere 55, with some of them infrequent posters or defunct. Still taking up more time than I’m willing to invest. I may have to do a bit more weeding. Sometimes it’s difficult choices. Nice blog, but far too busy to keep up with. I suppose it’s all about balance.


    • I doubt that anyone really knows. I just wonder if any of that stuff has appreciable levels of radiation. Or would it be washed away at sea? It’s all a bit spooky. The beach in the reblogged post is about 3 hours north of me. It’s where I stayed the night before my whale hunt episode. I suspect that debris is likely to show up all up and down the coastal area.


      • Hadn’t thought about the radiation levels. If it was blasted away with the initial waves, don’t suppose there would be much in the way of radiation as the meltdown happened later. If it was wallowing in the sea near the plant then it could well be contaminated. Guess the coastguards will check that.


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