Can’t explain it… just happen to like this shot. ♥

Looks like I’m getting captions for this shot down in Comments. Feel free to add yours. 😉



19 thoughts on “unfocused

    • Thank you ‘Bente’! At first I thought of discarding this because it was so out of focus, but then I kept getting drawn back to it. Eventually I put it on my desktop as wallpaper and i’ve grown to really like it. Happy accidents, eh?


    • Thank you…. I think it’s also telling me I need to learn how to switch to manual focus a bit more readily 😉 Ahhh.. the joys of the learning curve with any new gadget.


    • Alas! I’m still fumbling a bit with the new camera and she wasn’t exactly sitting still for me. But then….. it turned out that I liked the soft focus on her since it added to the notion of her hiding out there.


    • I think that’s exactly what she was saying… 😉 (as I tried to get her in focus – without much success, I might add… but I still like the effect.)


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