Bits and pieces

Stuff from around the neighborhood…The lovely bright green of new growth…Crazy looking skies with the fog just starting to creep over the hilltops in the distance.And the sun highlighting the grasses by the river…


13 thoughts on “Bits and pieces

    • Yes, it is nice. Just about everything I could wish for. I forgot to mention up there in the post that those fields out beyond the barn (in the 2nd picture) were the lakes I showed last winter. Rather a radical change from one season to the next.


      • “Just about everything…” Can’t ask for more than that…good for you. And yes, indeed…a radical change from winter lakes to beautiful fields….


    • I truly is rather nice here and then the beach is only about 20 minutes away. The weather is generally pretty moderate. I’m not sure I could wish for a better place to settle.


  1. I have no idea why my comments are going to spam – so sad ): Maybe because I have a free WordPress blog?

    On a brighter note – I’m loving that 2nd picture! The sky is so beautiful, and the barn completes the picture for sure (:


    • No, you should have the same access to comments as all the rest of us. I’m on free WP, too and never encounter a problem. I can’t imagine what the problem is, but I’ll keep looking for you in my spam folder.
      Thanks for all the ‘likes’ and comments, though!


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