California wandering

Traveling back in time again…  The Sierra mountains, west of Lake Tahoe.

The American River somewhere in El Dorado county (c. 1978). Sam, my very first dog. On the right, his sister, Naobi, not altogether sure about getting her feet wet.


9 thoughts on “California wandering

    • I lived in Placerville which was in the foothills just below Lake Tahoe. Back then Placerville was just a sleepy little town along the highway to Stateline. I hear that it’s grown a lot since the days I lived there some 30 plus years ago.


    • The steely ice blue eyes don’t show in this picture. Sam was a pussy cat, but quite a few folks hesitated to approach him. He was a pretty good “starter dog” because he was pretty easy going except that he would howl if left by himself. The neighbors didn’t like that so much. Luckily he traveled with me most of the time which made for a pretty hairy VW bug.


    • Thanks! Sam was my sweety. He was a Siberian Husky who started out as part of a sled dog team. I ended up with him because he didn’t make the cut for the race team.


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