Bandon lighthouse

Officially it’s called the Coquille River lighthouse, but most folks seem to name it for the town it’s next to.

This lighthouse, like so many others, isn’t a functioning  one any more. However, they do have a volunteer to conduct tours there during the summer months.

As seen from another angle. The rocks are part of the jetty where the river empties into the ocean.

Up close and personal. People going in for the tour.


6 thoughts on “Bandon lighthouse

  1. When we were there about 5 summers ago it was undergoing restoration and was surrounded with scaffolding. The stories told by the docent are amazing.


    • I hear there was some controversy about the new paint job. Apparently they restored it to colors from an earlier era. Some of the locals grumbled about the change. I didn’t see all that much difference. It seems it went from pure white to a sort of cream… or was it the other way around? Whatever. I think it’s a cute little lighthouse either way.


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