white stuff

So far it’s been a rather strange winter. Seems like we’ve had a bit less rain than usual. Then the last day or so the rain has returned along with the dark and overcast skies.

I stumbled across a weather site that gives all sorts of interesting astronomical data. The one I’m focused on at this time of year is watching the days  s l o w l y  lengthen. For today the length of day (locally) is 9h 20m – tomorrow will be 1m 43s longer…..

We had a dusting of snow this morning, but it disappeared before I could get a picture. The above photo is from way back… before 1990, taken somewhere near the Four Corners area.


7 thoughts on “white stuff

  1. Beautiful photo! Andrejs and I passed through the 4 corners area in winter some years ago – absolutely beautiful. I miss snow. A lot.

    And regarding lengthening days – I only recently (heh, meaning in the last few years) found out that the change in sunlight is the least around the solstices, but the fastest around the equinoxes. So not only are the days getting longer right now, they’re also getting longer faster! After March 21, they’ll still be getting longer, but the rate will decrease until Jani.


    • I blush at the compliments. 😉

      I can’t say I actually miss the snow at all. I still remember how cold it was during the week that photo was taken. But I must admit that it sure can be pretty at times.

      As for the lengthening days…. I always felt like the Solstice was like hump days. At least we’re headed in the right direction even if Norm felt this need to remind me how miniscule the change was at first. The extended daylight isn’t actually noticeable at this point, but it’s encouraging to note from the weather site that we now have 4 extra minutes of daylight since two days ago. It’s just fun to see how much is added each day and to see the increase picking up speed. It doesn’t take a whole lot to keep me entertained!


  2. Thanks, Linda! Yes, if I remember right, it was shot as Norm was driving up this hill on the way to Mesa Verde. In some ways I miss the old Pentax SLR from those days, though it’s really nice not to have to wait to have film developed, not to mention the extra cost involved. We never did get to see much of Mesa Verde because most of it was buried in that white stuff.


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