full moon rising

moon-0616Driving home, I caught a glimpse of the full moon looking enormously huge, but I couldn’t find a spot to pull over. Then it kept dodging in and out of sight until I finally found a place where I could get a shot at it. Though by then it had grown to normal size. I don’t know if it was my eyes being bleary, or the fog, but I couldn’t seem to lock in the focus on the moon. But I still like these shots. The last full moon of the year…moon-0614May you have warm words on a cold evening, a full moon on a dark night, and the road downhill all the way to your door 
― Celtic salutation

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24 thoughts on “full moon rising

  1. Oh I know what that’s like – the thrill of seeing a big, fat moon while driving, the thought of taking a picture, and then how quickly it reverts to “normal” size, just like you said. But these are really nice!

    • Frustrating. And I still haven’t figured out if the fog prevented me focusing on the moon, but it was still good enough to post. I’m losing track of who I’ve wished a merry christmas to, but I’ll say it anyway, just in case….. merry christmas!!!

    • Thanks, Jerry. Only wishing I could have caught it when it was just peeking over the horizon and utterly HUGE!!! It’s the ones that got away that tend to haunt…

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