so worthwhile

My first monthly bill since the solar panels were installed came in today…

The meter in the garage counts the number of kW my panels have produced.


this is the really snazzy part. My first bill came in since I’ve switched to net metering. That’s right. It was all of $9.91 (a “basic charge” of $9 which I’m assuming is admin costs, plus some utility taxes and low income assistance). Compare that to last month’s bill of $58.03.

Still hot here. Hitting 80° is about as warm as I want it to get. That’s where it is at the moment. I just hope the cooling nightly fog doesn’t give out. The county fair is in full swing at the moment. Seems like that’s usually one of the hottest spells we tend to get. I certainly hope that’s it once the fair ends this weekend.

But….. maybe there’s hope at least one or more of the cherry tomatoes may start to turn red? One can only hope.

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