So here’s what the sky looks like at the moment…

Pretty cloudy and overcast. Wouldn’t you say?

So, yesterday they buttoned up the solar system. I’m thinking I need to paint the plywood with a mural of the sun or something…..

Here’s one of the readouts. I have NO idea what it means. Don’t really want to read the BOOK they left here with it. I’m supposed to get a tutorial at some point. In the meantime, I keep sneaking out there to look at the numbers.

I suppose the more meaningful test will be my electrical bills. (Ya think?) In the meantime I’m simply stoked. I would have to say that this has been on my wish list for decades…..

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10 thoughts on “electrified

  1. Aha! I’ve finally worked out you live in Oregon USA! Been catching up with all your posts and love ‘em. But peonies and rhododendrons? Ferns?? For a while you had me believing you lived in the UK :-)

    • How funny!!! You have me puzzled how this particular post gave you the clue. It’s amazing how different the climate and topography is here from one corner of the country to the next. Thanks for following and commenting. I love your donkeys!! ;)

    • It all depends on how you define “my area.” The immediate neighborhood, not so much. The economy here on the coast is really struggling. Too many sawmills shutting down and too many monster machines wiping out jobs in the woods. About the only thing left around here is tourism. So… not too many folks can afford to make the investment.

      Having said that, though, the solar engineering outfit that put my system in seems to be thriving, so there are probably a growing number of folks installing systems. The engineer is supposed to come out tomorrow to give me my tutorial. She did tell me at one point that they’ve managed to keep going even through this recession. You’ve stirred my curiosity. I’ll have to ask her for more specifics.

      Then again Oregon, over all, tends to be up there at the top of the list for most categories having to do with alternative energy stuff. Just one of the many reasons I love living in this state.

    • Funny! :-D but you did give me an idea. Need to go out and check the numbers when it’s a full moon. If it registers then I’d be getting lunar power as well……

    • Ummmm….. (note, the following comment is somewhat tongue-in-cheek, but) it’s why they call it solar.

      I figure I’ll learn a lot more as time goes on, but I’m told that it’ll be generating power even on very cloudy days – though, I would imagine it won’t be as much as brightly sunny days. My setup is something called net metering, where I use the electricity that my panels generate. If I produce more than I use at any time, it goes back to the power company. At least that’s my understanding of it at this point. Like I said in the post above, I should be getting a tutorial from the gal running the show (the engineer).

      I suspect that the true test (the one that should be easiest to understand) will come when the utility bills start coming in. ;-) I imagine I’ll be doing an occasional update from time to time.

  2. I can see you looking at those numbers every two minutes. You and Norm did while we rode your electrical car.
    You are a little too cute!
    and SO cool!!!

    • Yup! You guessed it. The sun popped out and I started a notebook tracking the numbers. The latest high (just now) was 2016 Watts…. Now I’m wondering whether my electrical use of the moment has any effect, or if it’s purely input. This should keep me out of mischief for awhile, figuring all this out ;-)

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