Had to stop for a picture of the big boat waiting to get loaded with logs.

That’s what happens to our stacks of good looking logs. The boat is registered in Hong Kong. They’ll haul the logs off taking away a lot of jobs in our local sawmills. Sometimes they even process the logs offshore and sell the lumber back to us. Small wonder the sawmills around here are shutting down or laying people off.

Here you can see the piles of logs waiting to be loaded.

This one tickled my funny bone. Almost like the seagull is surfing on one big hummer of a surfboard.

Then it’s been a busy week with the solar panels going up. It’s taking longer than I expected, but then there’s a lot of electrical work that goes into this.

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4 thoughts on “shipping

  1. Definitely something wrong, Gunta. We have the same sort of thing in South Africa. The Chinese seem to be taking over, to the detriment of our workers. So much unemployment in every sector. :(

  2. Interesting…

    I love the tiny white flowers in the first photo at the bottom left. I’m not sure why they jumped out at me, but they did.

  3. What a crazy world we live in! I didn’t realize they did that. Very sad.

    I am a big fan of the seagull hanging out on the log, though. Very fun picture.

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