putting the sun to work

The consultants were here today to take the final measurements for the solar panels.

I was chatting with the neighbor across the street while they were up on the roof. Couldn’t resist this shot.

I’ve become far more apprehensive about any climbing since the broken ankle, so it was nice to get the shots that Shannon took while up there.  A look at the neighborhood from above and a closer look at the solar tubes (the two on the right). The two taller things on the left are apparently vents for the gas fireplace… or something.

An even closer look at the solar tube looking down into it. You can see the two LED lights mounted for use at night. The LEDs are 8 Watts apiece and light things up far better than the fixtures they replaced. I never checked, but I believe those were probably two bulbs each around 60-75 Watts apiece and didn’t do half as much good.

Nice….  :-)

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6 thoughts on “putting the sun to work

  1. Whoa. That sounds really cool! I didn’t know you could do that.

    As far as I could tell, he had a great birthday. And that’s so true! Very funny!

    • I don’t know if you can do it everywhere (I’m assuming you’re referring to the net metering, where they deduct the electricity my solar panels produce from my electric bill.) It seems as though the West Coast is way ahead of the curve and they require the power companies to participate. Though in reality it’s a win-win for them, too, since it reduces the number of new power plants they have to build.

      It certainly looked like your Earth Day baby had a good time with the thumb birthday cake! You get a gold star from me for creativity and originality! :-) Here’s to keeping this good earth going for a good while yet to come.

  2. Actually, it’s going way beyond natural light. Once I have the solar (photo-voltaic) panels installed in mid-May, I’ll be feeding power back into the grid through net metering. I can hardly wait!

    Hope your earth day baby had a very happy birthday! In a way I think he looks like he supplies his own electrical charge… ;-)

  3. An excellent way to celebrate Earth Day! And having all that natural light sound fabulous!

    We received Trey’s card today. LOVE LOVE LOVE it! So perfect! Thank you!

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