light at last

Finishing up the solar tubes.

Ceiling art?

From the outside.

The tube in solar tube.

Letting in the sunshine.


Done. What a difference it makes.

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8 thoughts on “light at last

  1. I’m soooo glad you got it done. It looks GREAT!

    And I was just happy to not see any cracks in the photo with the guys on the roof. :)

    • Quite a lot of light even on totally overcast days. I am so pleased with the tubes. Then they installed the bulbs that go inside the tubes today. I opted for LED bulbs. The two 8 W bulbs in the kitchen seem to be brighter than the 4 CFLs they replaced and they’re rated to last 50,000 hours. I am totally pleased and impressed.

    • Teehee… I actually considered asking him to stay there as an interesting (unique?) piece of art work, but he didn’t appear too willing. ;-)

      Seriously… I’m not sure what the actual diameter of the hole was, but the tube was rated at 14 inches! I’m amazed and astounded that he could actually FIT in that hole. Mind boggling.

      I also had a shot of a face peering down from the hole in the ceiling, but the face was pretty much underexposed so I didn’t include it here. I must add that this has been one of the more fun remodel projects I’ve encountered and the results are pretty wonderful. I’m totally satisfied I did it or had it done.

      • Wow! What great pics! I showed Rob and he was really impressed! We’re almost considering maybe doing something similar if and when we do this extension on the house.

    • Good thing he got that part done before lunch!

      I am so used to having to flip the light on and off in the bathroom because it used to be so dark in there. Now I keep wanting to turn the light switch off until it hits me that it’s not on. Amazing the difference a hole in the roof or the tubes are making. It’s so much more cheerful in here!

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