let there be light…

The crew arrives…

the work begins…

If all else fails, read the directions…

a bit of intense planning….

and then there was light…

to be continued.

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3 thoughts on “let there be light…

  1. I LOVE your photos! Seriously, you capture good moments, good sights.

    One question, though – did you set up the background as well, or is that a default from the website host? It looks very pretty – unless you remember the bird that plowed into your window…

    • Yup, I set up the bird feathers for background and it may change as the mood strikes me. It’s one of the many lovely features at WordPress. I figured it would be a good memorial to the poor bird, though the crash didn’t appear to be fatal since there was no body anywhere in sight. Good catch – figuring out where the feather tips came from.

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